Thursday, November 23, 2017

Is There A Link Between Bigfoot Reproduction And Migration?


     What is being observed as migration patterns could be linked to the creatures reproduction habits.  Most Bigfoot sightings happen in the Spring and summer months.  Reports of the creature in a certain area, then subsequent reports in areas not too far from the initial sighting could form a route of sorts and be interpreted as a path of migration, going from one place to another.  It is also possible that these travels could be the traveling, or migration if you will, from areas that are being used as hunting and foraging grounds, to a safe place for them to breed and give birth to offspring.

     All animals, including man, seek safety when giving birth.  This is not only for them while in their most vulnerable state, but also for the offspring who are basically defenseless at this time.  Perhaps this movement from one area to another is being perceived as purely migratory, and not considering the movement to safety.  This migration would occur at approximately the same time each year and generally along the same route.  This natal philopatry is most common in salmon, tuna and puffins, but may be a factor for Bigfoot as well.

     If this follows, then when the young are strong enough to travel with the family unit, the reverse happens and the perception of a migration is set.

     In June of 1961, Warren Scott of Seattle said he was abducted by Bigfoot and taken to just such an area.  Scott claims he was snatched in the middle of the night by a Bigfoot and carried over 70 miles, through a tunnel in the mountains and to a cave.  He spent some time in this cave with a family of Bigfoot, a father, mother and son, and was basically kept, as what seemed to him, as a pet.  One day, Scott was able to leave the cave, and upon doing so was confronted with a sight, if it is to be believed , was astounding.  As he came out of the cave, he saw 50 or 60 Bigfoot milling around in what he perceived to be a box canyon.  The female of the family unit took him then to a cave that was used as a nursery.

     Yes, this, along with the well known tale from Albert Ostman, seem fantastical at the very least, but there could be a kernel of truth in these tall tales.  They follow a know patter of actions by breeding animals, and would provide an explanation to the perception of migration.  These reports, along with known human and primate breeding and birthing patterns raise questions to be answered. 

     This answers, or at least provides a possibility as to what appears to be migration patterns.  It also answers an aspect, aside from when people are in the mountain areas, as to why Bigfoot are seen during certain times of the year.  These patterns would follow the birthing patterns of spring and summer, and sometimes into the early fall months.  If Bigfoot is more closely related to man, this would not follow the indicated pattern,but if they are more closely related to the animal kingdom, they would fall into these timelines for breeding and birthing.  They may be more closely related to apes than to man.  I say this because out of the 633 species of primates, only human eyes show sclera.  Bigfoot sighting reports I have found relate that the eyes of Bigfoot do not show the whites of the eyes.

     So, I feel that these may lead us to perceive the path Bigfoot takes to and from his breeding/birthing grounds as a migration pattern.  Something we will only know for sure when we finally get a solid hit on the Bigfoot and their wanderings and travels.